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Bring Rae to Your Town

Bring Rae to Your Town

I want to come to Your Town!

So come on, let’s make it happen!

Host a House Concert (MY personal favorite!)

Hosting a House Concert is a fun and easy way to get your friends together to enjoy an unique and up-close Rae Hering show. To get some quick facts check out this info sheet. A typical house concert may include a potluck dinner and BYOB drinks followed by a couple sets of music in the backyard or living room. During the course of the evening guests are asked to contribute a suggested donation. And of course, everyone will have lots of time to meet and talk with me! LET’S TALK.

✰ Have Rae play at your next Private Party

Have a special occasion coming up? Anniversaries, Birthdays, House Warming Parties, the list goes on…all these are great reasons to celebrate! Either become a patron at the SPF 500 tier or LET’S TALK.

✰ Crowdfund a Rae Hering Show

Crowdfunding has become popular to fund musicians’ albums, so why not crowdfund a live show?
To learn more watch this video then LET’S TALK.

✰ Suggest a venue near you

Have a place in mind you think I would be perfect for? Small venues such as listening rooms, art spaces, theaters and cafés would be great places to suggest: LET’S TALK.


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Request that Rae play in your town

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Are there any small venues near you that you love? Rae is looking for listening rooms that (ideally) have some built-in crowd.
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