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For Crowd Curated Concerts

About CCC

What is a Crowd Curated Concert (CCC)? 

  • CCC is Rae Hering’s fresh, new way of combining crowdfunding with live concerts to create “pop-up shows” in non-traditional spaces.
  • The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter acts not only as a promotional tool for the event and for all parties involved but as a ticketing platform, ensuring that expenses are covered before the show date.
  • It’s also a way of bringing the local community together because the community actually makes the show happen by raising the needed funds.

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What the heck is crowdfunding anyway?

  • Crowdfunding is when a musician, artist, inventor, promoter, entrepreneur or anyone who is trying to make a project happen gains necessary funds through the help of “a crowd” of people or contributors.
  • Although one contributor’s offering may not be enough to fund the entire project the result of many contributions will hopefully add up to the amount of money needed to make the project happen.
  • There are many online crowdfunding platforms but the one we have chosen to use is Kickstarter.

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How do folks get a ticket to the show?

  • Audience members get a ticket to the CCC by contributing to the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter: their contribution acts as their ticket in the door. Contributors only need to give their name at the event to gain entry and do not need to pay at the door because they will have already paid via the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Depending on what the host wants walk-ups may also be welcome; they would pay at the door on the day of the event.

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Will contributors’ cards be charged before we reach the campaign goal?

  • Absolutely not. Contributors will only be charged once we reach our campaign goal.

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What happens if we don’t reach our campaign goal?

  • If we don’t reach our financial goal through crowdfunding the show doesn’t happen. No one’s card gets charged and we’ll just have to try again next time.

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What will the actual event look like? (meaning, tell me about the music, will there be food/alcohol? how large of an audience will there be? how long will the event be? will there be any other type of entertainment involved?)

First off, no two CCC's are ever alike! But here some thoughts to paint the picture:

  • Rae's music is, lively, energetic, catchy and sophisticated.  She may be performing solo or in a trio band setting, depending on the setting: listen to Rae's music
  • Food and drink options are determined by the host and/or the venue. It may be potluck, catered or we may have food trucks present. The event could be BYOB, there could be a bartender or even a local winery or brewery sponsor.
  • The audience size depends on our space limitations and what folks are willing to pay for a ticket but we’re shooting for 30-100 people.
  • We find that a three hour event seems like just the right amount of time though it can run a little shorter or longer.
  • Adding other types of entertainment or local flare from the community is a welcome addition to the experience.

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Is there a minimum age to attend?

  • This all depends on the situation. Certain hosts may want an 18+ environment or a particular space may need the guests to be 21+ if alcohol is present. For some events it may be family friendly, no problem. Each event will list on the Kickstarter campaign page if it is all ages or if there are age restrictions.  

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What happens if the CCC gets cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances?

  • We will have a couple backup dates in mind. For example, if the show was scheduled for a Friday plan B is Saturday and plan C is Sunday. If a whole weekend is compromised we will work with the host to schedule a rain date asap.
  • Tickets are refundable to anyone who cannot attend the make up date but all ticket purchases via the crowdfunding platform will be acknowledged.

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Where can I find examples of past CCC’s?

  • Currently we don't have examples of past shows available but we will be making a past shows list as well as a Youtube playlist soon.

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I don’t want to host a CCC but I definitely want to see Rae perform in my town - what can I do to make that happen?

Awesome! We need folks like you to help build the buzz and spread the word about Rae’s fun, fresh sound and her one-of-a-kind “pop-up shows.”

  • Share our CCC video on your socials with #BringRaeTo...Charlotte/Pittsburgh/Ontario... This way we can keep track of where there’s fan demand; once the demand is in your local area we will have a built-in audience for the show!

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For Hosts

Why should I host a CCC?

  • Hosting a CCC means being on the forefront of an exciting new movement of artist-to-audience events. You can be the tastemaker in your town, help bring “under the radar” music like Rae’s up to the surface and be at the center of your local creative community. 
  • If you’re a business owner, hosting a CCC is a great way to promote your brand and get new faces in the door at no cost to you.
  • If you’re not a business owner there’s still plenty of reasons to host a CCC: think birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions or just the simple love of sharing fun, new music with your friends. Any reason is a good reason to bring your community together.

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What's the first step to becoming a host?

  • Just fill out this short form to request to be contacted by a team member (don’t worry, we never spam). From there we’ll get the ball rolling on bringing Rae to your town!

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How far in advance do we need to start planning our CCC?

We recommend pinning down the event date and venue at least 10 weeks prior to the show. Here’s a general timeline to go by, though actual times may vary:

  • 10 weeks prior: We confirm the venue and settle on logistics such as food/alcohol at the event.

  • 8 weeks prior: We set up the event crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and promote through social platforms and local media outlets together with you.

  • 2 weeks prior: We reach our campaign goal and finalize details for the show.

  • Show Day: Have a ball!

Let’s start planning together: fill out this short form and a team member will reach out.

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Do I have to set up the crowdfunding campaign myself?

Nope, we’ve got that covered. We’ll create a unique campaign page on Kickstarter for your CCC.

  • This will include uploading our campaign video which introduces and explains the idea behind CCC, writing a detailed description of the event including promoting all businesses involved and determining the financial goal for the campaign based on varying factors. 
  • With your help we will decide the different “price points” that contributors may have as options when giving. For example: Contribute $20 and get a ticket to the show. Contribute $25 and get a ticket and a signed CD at the door. Contribute $70 for a four person ticket package - save $10! (Actual prices may vary.)

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How will we get the word out about our CCC?

  • If your event is public Rae and her team will launch the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and then contact local media outlets to help spread awareness.
  • Using the CCC campaign video as well as the event flyer and other promotional materials we will provide we ask that you promote the event on social media and, if you’re a business owner, through your newsletter and we will also do the same via our platforms.
  • If your event is private it is totally up to you how you invite and engage your guest list.

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How will my business be promoted in connection with our event?

Hosting a CCC means your business will receive free exposure at no cost to you.

  • First of all, your business will be recognized as the presenter of your CCC; for example, “Joe’s Mercantile Presents: Wine and Music Night, featuring Rae Hering.”
  • Your business information will be highlighted on the crowdfunding campaign page on Kickstarter as well as in the press release sent to local media outlets.
  • In addition, we will promote your business across all social media platforms and will work with you to create unique content for your business and this event.
  • If you have a brick and mortar establishment we can host the CCC in your space to get new faces in your door.
  • You’ll also get ongoing promotion on our website after your CCC when we list your business name, links and event photos on our past events list.
  • Get the process started and request to be contacted by a team member today.

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Is it possible to include elements of my local community in our CCC?

Absolutely! We encourage incorporating the cool stuff that makes your town special into the event.

  • Is there a local soda company that everyone loves? How about having an artist hang their work or inviting craftspeople to set up booths? Maybe we can offer cookies from your mom-and-pop bakery or have the dance studio next door work up a routine to perform.
  • Just keep in mind that while the possibilities are wide open involvement of local elements depends on a number of factors including availability, interest and financial requirements.

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Will I make money hosting a CCC?

The short answer is no, you will not make money from hosting, however: 

  • If you’re a business owner and will be using your business space for the event we’d be happy to talk with you about your financial needs in order to operate your space.
  • We will add that amount into the total amount we’ll need to raise through the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in order to make the show happen. We will then pay these operating fees to you upon arrival at the venue or at the end of the night.

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Are there any costs involved for hosts?

  • Hosting a CCC is completely free of cost though some hosts, especially business owners, may decide to donate promotional schwag such as t-shirts, mugs or key chains to be used in conjunction with their CCC and to further promote their brand.

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What's the schedule look like on show day?

Here’s an example of how the day may go though actual details may vary:

  • Rae and her team arrive at the venue in the morning. We make a stage area for the band, set up the PA equipment (we provide this) and do a sound check. We set up any pertinent business signage, organize the room to feel inviting and comfortable and if necessary arrange folding chairs (we provide this).
  • After lunch we pick up a pony keg from the local brewery sponsor and buy any last minute items like cups and ice.
  • About an hour before doors open the food truck arrives and we make sure they are situated and have what they need.
  • Fifteen minutes before doors open the greeter is at the front with a list of the attendees’ names and is ready to welcome them in. Guests who have pre-paid via the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter do not need to pay anything at the door; walk-up guests, however, are welcome to pay the door charge upon arrival.
  • After an hour of mingling, eating and drinking the host may gather guests to the performance area and if he or she feels comfortable, address the audience.
  • Then the music gets going! Rae plays two 40 minute sets with a 20 minute break. In between the sets and after the show guests have an opportunity to meet Rae and the band and visit the merchandise table.
  • Once all guests leave for the night Rae and her team clean up for couple of hours or so and are out the door. What a successful day!

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I want to host a CCC but don’t have a venue - what do I do?

No problem, we’ll help you find one.

  • We typically look for what we call “non-traditional venues.” These are spaces that don’t financially rely on hosting music events regularly but have the capability to house a private event. This could be the clothing shop with a cool vibe down the street, the recording studio across town, a performing arts center or even your own home or backyard! Unique venues are what make these “pop-up shows” so special!
  • Get started by filling out this short form and we'll find you a venue.

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I’m not a business owner but I am a music fan - can I host a CCC?

Of course. Anyone who wants to host a CCC can!

  • Maybe you’re the type of person who just loves getting your friends together for a good time. Or maybe you’ve been looking around your neighborhood and wondering why there isn’t better, more quality entertainment available and want to do something about it.
  • Whatever your reason we’ll help you host the CCC you’re imagining - request to be contacted by a team member to start the process.

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I’d like Rae to play at my event but I’d rather not fund it through crowdfunding - what are my options?

  • In this situation you would be directly responsible for paying Rae to play at your event.
  • Email Rae’s manager, Chelsea White, at, to discuss the details of your event. From there we will be able to assess our expenses and quote a price for a more traditional booking.

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