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Host Your CCC in 6 Steps

Host Your CCC In 6 Steps

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1. Set a date

Your selected date should allow for at minimum 6 weeks for promoting. 

  • Weekends tend to work well for CCC’s though weekdays are possible depending on the circumstances.
  • It’s a good idea to look ahead and take into consideration other happenings that may compete with the audience you want and find a date accordingly.
  • In general, we find that setting a start time before 8pm is ideal though, once again, this is flexible depending on the situation.
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoon shows are a great way to reach a crowd that’s looking for a daytime activity but wants to leave their evening open.
  • We like to keep events at around 3 hours - this way audience members don’t get antsy but they feel like they’ve had a worthwhile and fulfilling experience.
  • To check Rae’s availability request to be contacted by a team member.  

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2. Need a venue?

No problem, we’ll help you find one. If you’re a business owner without a brick and mortar space or simply a music fan that wants to bring a CCC to your town then we’ll help you find just the right space!

  • We typically look for what we call "non-traditional venues": spaces that don’t financially rely on hosting music events regularly but have the capability to house a private event. This could be the clothing shop with a cool vibe down the street, the recording studio across town or even your own home or backyard!
  • We look for non-traditional venues because if the crowdfunding campaign doesn’t reach it’s goal and the show doesn’t happen we want to make sure that no one is at a financial loss. Plus, how cool would it be to attend a one-of-a-kind “pop-up show” in a pop-up venue? A unique venue is a great starting point for a unique CCC.

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3. Make it your own

Every CCC is different because every host is unique. Through the entire process you’ll be connected with one of Rae’s team members to work through the details of your tailor-made event and to answer your questions but here are some considerations to get you started.

  • Will this event be open to the public or just for you and your friends?
  • Will there be food or drinks there? The event could be potluck-style, catered, or we could even invite a food truck to stop by. If you’re looking at alcohol options a simple solution is to make the event BYOB but there’s also the possibility of arranging for a bartender or having a local winery or brewery sponsor (having alcohol at the event depends on the rules of the event location).
  • How about adding some local flare into the event? We may be able to find a local artist to display their work on the walls or a local craftsman to set up a booth and sell their items.
  • If this CCC is for a special occasion like a birthday or a business anniversary we can plan the event with that in mind.
  • Is there any special swag you’d like to offer your guests? For example, if you’re a business owner you could offer a logo t-shirt or a special service as a promotion in conjunction with the CCC. The options are endless!

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4. Launch the Campaign

No later than 8 weeks from the CCC Rae and her team will create the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and everyone involved will help spread the word.

  • Creating the campaign includes determining our financial goal (based on variables such as musicians, venue, travel expenses and promotional materials) as well as writing a detailed description of the event including promoting all businesses involved and uploading the campaign video.  
  • For guests there will be a minimum donation amount to gain access to the show; however, the campaign may feature several additional “price points.” For example: Contribute $20 and get a ticket to the show. Contribute $25 and get a ticket and a signed CD at the door. Contribute $70 for a four person ticket package - save $10! (Actual prices may vary.)
  • Once we’ve launched the campaign Rae’s team will contact local media outlets (if you’re hosting a public event) to help spread awareness.
  • Using the campaign video as well as the event flyer and other promotional materials we’ll provide we ask that you promote the event on social media and through your newsletter (if applicable) and we will also do the same via our platforms.  

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5. Reach our goal

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will close 2 weeks prior to the show date. If we reach our goal then we do the show! If we don’t reach our goal we’ll just have to try again another time.

  • We’ll need to reach our campaign goal at least 2 weeks prior to the show date to ensure that we have enough time to get our ducks in a row and so that everyone involved can plan for the show properly.
  • Contributors’ cards will not be charged before reaching our campaign goal. Only when we reach our goal will their cards be charged.
  • Contributing to the campaign on Kickstarter serves as a ticket to the show. On the day of the event contributors only need to give their name at the door to gain entry; however, it’s still possible for walk-up folks to pay at the door.
  • Now, there’s a chance that we won’t reach our campaign goal, but when it comes down to it no one loses out. The folks that contributed to the campaign will never get their cards charged and since the non-traditional venues we use don’t financially rely on hosting music events they don’t lose out either. Hey! there’s always next time!  

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6. Have the CCC

This is the best part!  Rae and her team will arrive early to set up and make sure everything runs smoothly.  Once the show gets going you get to sit back and enjoy your tailor-made event!

Here’s an example of how the day of the CCC may go though actual details may vary:

  • Rae and her team will arrive at the venue in the morning. We make a stage area for the band, set up the PA equipment (we provide this) and do a sound check. We set up any pertinent business signage, organize the room to feel inviting and comfortable and if necessary arrange folding chairs (we provide this).
  • After lunch we pick up a pony keg from the local brewery sponsor and buy any last minute items like cups and ice.
  • About an hour before doors open the food truck arrives and we make sure they are situated and have what they need.
  • Fifteen minutes before doors open the greeter is at the front with a list of the attendees’ names and is ready to welcome them in. Guests who have pre-paid via the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter do not need to pay anything at the door; walk-up guests, however, are welcome to pay the door charge upon arrival.
  • After an hour of mingling, eating and drinking the host may gather guests to the performance area and, if he or she feels comfortable, address the audience.
  • Then the music gets going! Rae plays two 40 minute sets with a 20 minute break. In between the sets and after the show guests have an opportunity to meet Rae and the band and visit the merchandise table.
  • Once all guests leave for the night Rae and her team clean up for a couple of hours and are out the door. What a successful day!

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