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My Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book (um, kind of...)

Rae Hering

Remember Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books? ME: (wildly flailing my arms about) "Hey there Buckaroo!! Guess what?!?!"

YOU: "You sound pretty over-the-top excited there...what's up?"

ME: "My 2011 release "Reality Over My Head" is on Noise Trade!! Plus, coincidentally I can't stop shouting!!! I think I have a disorder!!!!!!"

*Now YOU get to decide! Turn to page 22 to frantically run away, turn to page 11 to start shouting with Rae, or visit the link below to download her album for free!


Download for FREE on Noise Trade

Album Cover LARGE jpg
Album Cover LARGE jpg

Keep staying tuned! "The Shy Gemini Sessions" is coming out soon!!