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"Daddy's Little Girl" is a Big Success!

Rae Hering

Big News!

Remember that short film, "Daddy's Little Girl," I wrote the music for?

Well...after showing at ten film festivals around the world and winning Best Short Film at Hollywood's SCREAMFEST Horror Film Festival, "Daddy's Little Girl" is now available on iTunes and even made it to #1 on the iTunes Top Short Films Sales!


Waa?!? It even beat out "Frozen"???

🎉 🎈 🎊 (Insert party noises here) 🎉 🎈 🎊


The song that I wrote (also called "Daddy's Little Girl") unfortunately wasn't able to be included in it's full form for the iTunes version of the film.  But no worries!  That just gives me an opportunity to give you all a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song on Noisetrade!

"Daddy's Little Girl"
By Rae Hering

I’m gonna make you love me,
We’re gonna build a castle,
You’re gonna kiss and hug me
When you see I’m special.

You can be my hero
And save my whole wide world,
Cuz I’m gonna make you love me
Like I’m Daddy’s little girl.   


So how did this project come about anyhow?  In February of 2014 I got a text from my friend Trey McClarnon asking if I'd write the music for a film he and his brother Chad McClarnon were working on to submit Studio 360's 30-Second Horror Film Festival Judged by Wes Craven.  Trey told me a few details about the genre and storyline over text and about an hour later I sent him a scratch version of the song "Daddy's Little Girl" which then became the title of the film.  After entering the 30-Second Horror Film Festival, Chad decided to re-edit the film to lengthen it and submit it to film festivals everywhere.  After a great festival run,. the film is now available on iTunes and is even flying high with Virgin Airlines as part of their in-flight entertainment.

A short film that's going a long way

Rae Hering

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For someone who doesn't get high, besides the morning cup of coffee of course, last weekend had me on the wings of something spectacular.  I'm sitting in the Green Hills theater, at the 2015 Nashville Film Festival, listening to the song I wrote and recorded for the short film "Daddy's Little Girl," playing on the Silver Screen.  What a feeling.

This extraordinary little film tells the story of a precocious young girl who uses her self-taught science knowledge to take control and finally tackle the problem of her abusive father head on.  Among the many talented folks involved in this film is the film's star, 11-year old Robin-August Fritsch, who is quite the precocious and lovable kid in real life.  Then there's the BRAINS behind it all - Trey and Chad McClarnon of Best Part Productions (once you see the film you'll know why the word "brains" is so squeamishly special.)  Trey and Chad are brothers who make a perfect writer/director team, and I'm so happy to call them friends and creative comrades.

Chad McClarnon, Rae Hering, Michael Kitts, Robin-August Fritsch, Sullivan Street, Trey McClarnon.

Chad McClarnon, Rae Hering, Michael Kitts, Robin-August Fritsch, Sullivan Street, Trey McClarnon.

Finally, let me say that with great hoopla that Nashville loved our film so much after the first showing that it voted us into the TN Audience Awards at the Nashville Film Fest!  The show is tonight and sadly for you, it's all sold out.  But you can still catch the last showing Friday at 1p.

I leave you with my song of the same title.  Check out the music box version,'s creepy :)