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All I Got For Christmas...

Rae Hering

All I got for Christmas was this holiday album called...


Just kidding.

A couple of months ago my friend Ford Heacock with Firebreath Media asked me to be a part of this fun 'lil holiday project he was putting together. The result is 10 eclectic and colorful Christmas songs by many talented artists (read more about them here!) - all yours for FREE!! But if you would like to give, all the proceeds will be donated to the Nashville Rescue Mission

Hope you'll check out my track, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," fea. Duane Borba on percussion and Laura Vance on background vocals. Thanks for sharing it with anyone you think would enjoy it!


Here I am with Duane Borba recording for the holiday album at Firebreath Records.

My Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book (um, kind of...)

Rae Hering

Remember Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books? ME: (wildly flailing my arms about) "Hey there Buckaroo!! Guess what?!?!"

YOU: "You sound pretty over-the-top excited there...what's up?"

ME: "My 2011 release "Reality Over My Head" is on Noise Trade!! Plus, coincidentally I can't stop shouting!!! I think I have a disorder!!!!!!"

*Now YOU get to decide! Turn to page 22 to frantically run away, turn to page 11 to start shouting with Rae, or visit the link below to download her album for free!


Download for FREE on Noise Trade

Album Cover LARGE jpg
Album Cover LARGE jpg

Keep staying tuned! "The Shy Gemini Sessions" is coming out soon!!