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Navigator/Aviator - I Finished the Song!

Rae Hering



A couple of months ago I posted a song in progress and now I'd like to share the finished piece!  One of my most favorite feelings in the whole wide world is to call a song done, and "Navigator/Aviator" has been an idea laying dormant in my head for 8 years now - so the "done" feeling is REALLY a great one in this case!

My ritual is to take all the wonderfully messy scribblings I've been working with and to neatly type out my lyrics.  Kind of like when you get a brand new wardrobe and you get to toss out all the stuff that always made you look frumpy anyways.

Also, I want to dedicate this song to my big brother Nate, who is my very favorite Air Force Pilot ( he likes my song, even with the obvious logistical inaccuracies - creative license!)

Nate and me on Halloween
Nate and me on Halloween

"I'm Beside Myself!" - Simon the Cat

Rae Hering

I'm Beside Myself
I'm Beside Myself

Now that's one big Fur Ball! (on the left and the right!)

"I'm beside myself!" - Simon the Cat.

Owning a Persian cat is as rewarding as it is hard work.  After brushing Simon every day (mostly two times a day) for about a year now, the fur has piled up!

I got inspired to save it when I saw this blog post on people making clothing items from their pet's fur - check it out to see beautiful pictures of owners (wearing their pets' fur pieces) standing alongside their pets.

Now, when I've told people about this trend, I get a range of reactions from my friends thinking it's cool, too gross, or just weird.  Um....can you explain what's weird about making yarn out of fur??

Anyhow, I'm gonna do it!  I might need to keep collecting, but I'll make sure to update you when my creation is complete!