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Help Take Me to France!

Rae Hering

A well-known performer in France by the name Téte has given me the opportunity to open for him when he tours the release of his new recording in the fall of 2015. The relationship and exposure with Tété would be a great boost in my career.  My band and I are ready to get out and start performing for a bigger audience. Growing a fan base, however, has a lot of catch-22’s and quite frankly what it comes down to succeed is money, awareness, determination and perseverance.

If this tour comes together as planned there is still travel, food and accommodations to cover. Like any business, investment dollars are an important part of getting off the ground and banks don’t loan money to artists that are not established. The estimated cost will come just under $10,000. This is just for a seven-day tour in France. 

My husband Jonathan (who is also my manager, bass player, photographer, co-writer, you name it!) and I are not used to asking for support…but here we are!

So what am I asking?

With just a few words, you and anyone you tell about my story can boost the awareness of my music. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Here are some links to share:


As many of you are aware, I have two CD’s: “Reality Over My Head” and my latest release, “The Shy Gemini Sessions.” Both may be purchased from my website for $5 each in digital and physical forms. My music is also available on iTunes, though because iTunes controls the pricing, the album is $9.99.
This is what I LOVE to do. And I especially LOVE doing House Concerts!  If you would like to know more about how to host one of these fun, intimate gatherings (which can be totally free for hosts) EMAIL ME and we'll talk about it.  Also, if there is a venue in your town you would like to see me play, I'd love to know more about that venue so we can play where you are!


And thank you for your participation in the campaign to share my music!

Smiling "Watercolour" from the UK

Rae Hering

Wow, am so thankful to be surrounded by such a creative community!  Check this painting out by Peter Williams, a fantastically talented artist who lives in Leiston, England.   


I always love seeing artwork in progress, so I thought I'd include these, too...

Peter has cleverly names this piece "Watercolour" to serve a sneaky dual purpose:

1) he did, in fact, use watercolor paints and...

2.) he named it after my song "Watercolor" (posted below). 

Being that Peter is from the UK and I live in the US, we've been joking about who's spelling "watercolour/watercolor" incorrectly...hehe...  

But the best part about the story is that Peter found me and my music through a mutual artist friend, Ugo Paradido (who also did a beautiful painting of me and my guitar) on a site called Paint My Photo.  I am continually astounded by these connections being made online and through friends.

Thanks for making me smile, Peter - literally! 

I've been in hiding...but not anymore!

Rae Hering

Guys, it's been awhile.  It's been a lonnnnnnnnnng while.  Here's the nutshell since June:


I got married!



I got a band!



I was a Newsie for Halloween! (not exactly a life-changing event but a fun fact nonetheless)



And...drum roll please...

I released my brand new album, "The Shy Gemini Sessions!"



I hope you'll consider giving it a listen, purchasing, or sharing it with your friends:

Going for the Imperfect Vocal Take

Rae Hering

Having a good laugh at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, TN.
Having a good laugh at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, TN.

Lately, when I've been recording vocals for my new EP "The Shy Gemini Sessions," one of the most challenging things is to get The Imperfect Take. (uh...what now??...Imperfect?)  Yep, the "perfect take" is NOT what I'm looking for.  Instead, I want an emotional take, a moving take, a vulnerable take, and most likely that's not the prettiest or most perfect one of the batch.

In the vocal booth at Destiny Studios in Nashville, TN.
In the vocal booth at Destiny Studios in Nashville, TN.

It's a tough choice to keep making because, who doesn't want to come off all nice and polished, right?  But the thing is, Imperfection is just downright more interesting!  Ever notice that your significant other prefers the candid photo with that true-to-self, unprepared expression on your face?  You thought that you looked better in the shot with the nicely-placed and practiced smile, but that candid shot captures something about your essence that the well-rehearsed one just doesn't.

Lost in a song at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, TN.
Lost in a song at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, TN.

When I find myself picking apart and polishing up my vocals, it's helpful to listen back to singers that I personally love.  Dave Matthews, Tom Waits and Rufus Wainwright may not be technically "superb" singers, but I'll listen to these characteristic voices over auto-tuned vocals any day!

Interestingly, even our health depends on living in an Imperfect environment.  If we over-sanitize our homes, we can become more susceptible to disease because we're not giving our bodies the chance to build up immunities.  This is a good reminder that I need to let my music live in an Imperfect space and to not over-sanitize my recordings.

Recording the Yamaha CP 70 at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, TN.
Recording the Yamaha CP 70 at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, TN.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to balance raw emotion with tempered technique.  To combine character with culture and intuitive flow with well-practiced poise.  But the temptation (for me at least) is to smooth over too many edges.

To be human is to be Imperfect.  To be Imperfect is to be relatable.  To be relatable is to connect with others.  So, I choose to embrace my Imperfections because I believe this will allow me to move, excite, provoke and engage - my hope is that this will shine through on my new recording project, "The Shy Gemini Sessions."

P.S. - Thanks to Ernest Chapman (bass), Jerry Roe (drums), Bobby Holland (sound engineer/producer), Mark Zellmer (Brown Owl Studio), and Jonathan Morse (creative director).

Bobby Holland (left)  and Mark Zellmer (right).
Bobby Holland (left) and Mark Zellmer (right).
Jerry Roe on drums
Jerry Roe on drums
Jonathan Morse
Jonathan Morse
Ernest Chapman on bass
Ernest Chapman on bass