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The LAST "Live at Pentavarit" Song - "Falling to Me"

Rae Hering

Thank you to Everyone who has followed along with my "Live at Pentavarit" monthly song and video series. I can hardly believe we are here at the last one, "Falling to Me."

Find all 6 songs in the series on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and my Website Store.


Shaking things up with "Earthquake"

Rae Hering

Hope you all enjoy this in-studio view of the recording process for my latest song "Earthquake," LIVE at Pentavarit in Nashville, TN!

I wrote this song with fellow Nashville songwriter Laura Vance who is also singing background vocals. One of my favorite parts of this track is our layered vocal lines...listen for them near the end of the song!

Dance Your Heartbreak Away 💔🕺🏽

Rae Hering

For those of you who feel broken or abused, down and out or downright mad, I know I can't change your situation, your life or your outlook. But you know what I can do? I can get you to dance your heartbreak away for 3 and a half minutes! Hope "Heartbreak Hang-Up" gives you a little lift in your day.

Get the song on Spotify and iTunes HERE.


Also, check out this behind-the-scenes video of the band and me recording LIVE at Pentavarit Studios in Nashville, TN!


Flying High with "Navigator/Aviator"

Rae Hering

This song is for all you two peas in a pod out there. When you're together, anything is an adventure. Sometimes you might feel like you can't stand each other, but that's only because you suit each other so well! Laughing comes easy and the memories are endless.

Click HERE to get "Navigator/Aviator" on Spotify and iTunes, or click below to buy now! 

I just love how these in-studio videos turned out recording at Pentavarit Studios in Nashville, TN. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube to keep up to date with more videos coming soon!


"Daddy's Little Girl" is a Big Success!

Rae Hering

Big News!

Remember that short film, "Daddy's Little Girl," I wrote the music for?

Well...after showing at ten film festivals around the world and winning Best Short Film at Hollywood's SCREAMFEST Horror Film Festival, "Daddy's Little Girl" is now available on iTunes and even made it to #1 on the iTunes Top Short Films Sales!


Waa?!? It even beat out "Frozen"???

🎉 🎈 🎊 (Insert party noises here) 🎉 🎈 🎊


The song that I wrote (also called "Daddy's Little Girl") unfortunately wasn't able to be included in it's full form for the iTunes version of the film.  But no worries!  That just gives me an opportunity to give you all a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song on Noisetrade!

"Daddy's Little Girl"
By Rae Hering

I’m gonna make you love me,
We’re gonna build a castle,
You’re gonna kiss and hug me
When you see I’m special.

You can be my hero
And save my whole wide world,
Cuz I’m gonna make you love me
Like I’m Daddy’s little girl.   


So how did this project come about anyhow?  In February of 2014 I got a text from my friend Trey McClarnon asking if I'd write the music for a film he and his brother Chad McClarnon were working on to submit Studio 360's 30-Second Horror Film Festival Judged by Wes Craven.  Trey told me a few details about the genre and storyline over text and about an hour later I sent him a scratch version of the song "Daddy's Little Girl" which then became the title of the film.  After entering the 30-Second Horror Film Festival, Chad decided to re-edit the film to lengthen it and submit it to film festivals everywhere.  After a great festival run,. the film is now available on iTunes and is even flying high with Virgin Airlines as part of their in-flight entertainment.

The History of the Wishbone and Other Wishful (but not wishy washy!) Thoughts

Rae Hering

I’ve had a wishbone (yes – that kind that comes from an actual chicken) sitting on my kitchen counter for months now.  Why you ask?  Am I supposed to be able to answer such questions??

OK, I admit I have an unusual fascination for “little found treasures.”  For instance, I regularly pick up small objects I find on the ground and collect them in the pouch on my car door.  I came across this particular chicken charm while making homemade broth (which, by the way, is super easy and very good for you!)


Every now and again I would take a quick glance at my wishbone, thinking I might coerce Jonathan into having a little superstitious fun.  But I never did because, honestly, making a wish on it seems pointless and silly - where does the idea of breaking wishbones come from, anyhow?

Well, according to Matt Soniak at Mental Floss, “The custom of snapping these bones in two after dinner came to us from the English, who got it from the Romans, who got it from the Etruscans, an ancient Italian civilization. As far as historians and archaeologists can tell, the Etruscans were really into their chickens, and believed that the birds were oracles and could predict the future.”

Isn’t it AMAZING how long-lasting these ideas are that become woven into the fabric of our lives?? 

The Etruscans (800-400 B.C.) would dry out the wishbone, or furcula if you want to get scientific, so as to preserve the mystical powers the bird possessed while living.  People would use wishbones as treasured spiritual objects, stroking them and making wishes on them.  The act of actually breaking the bone was a variation developed by the Romans when they crossed paths with the Etruscans.


Back in my kitchen, I’m staring at my chicken bone thinking of what to do with it (if you’re still wondering why, I’m just going to say that I’m weird!!)  I’m certainly not going to carry it around stroking it (...I’m not that weird…)  I could just throw the damn thing out so I don’t have to look at it any longer – I’m sure anyone more sensible than me would gladly choose this option.  But I’ve always been a pack rat and pack rats just have a tough time with that whole “throwing out” thing.

So, I take my beloved poultry collarbone in hand and decide to give this age-old symbol some new significance:

Don’t just make wishes – make wishes happen.


If I wanted to take my chances at having my wish, I’d snap this wishbone faster than you can say Chicken Little. But I’m not interested in taking chances with my precious future.  The potential to achieve my wishes comes deep within the person I am actively cultivating, not anything else.  The more I am aware of what I want out of life, the more I am able to attain those things.  In fact, I can even “feel it in my bones” – an idiom which speaks of having intuition about one’s circumstances.  The more I am aware of myself and my surroundings, the more I am able to guide myself by the strength of this intuition.

As a musician moving her career forward, I know I have to have pretty tough skin, but now I realize I have to have some pretty strong bones, too.  A lot of singer/songwriters (myself included here) rely on the “wishbone method” of getting discovered.  I’ve put myself through plenty of hell and torment because my wishes hadn’t been granted.

I’m keeping this wishbone to remind me that I’ve tried the wishbone method, and now I know it doesn’t work.  Dropping coins down the wishing well, blowing out candles and wishing upon a star, they all don’t work.  And they’re not for me.  What can I say?  I actually want my wishes to come true.

Make wishes!  But don’t rely on the wishbone – rely on the intuition in your own bones.