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Did I just take happy pills?

Rae Hering

It’s inevitable. Around this time of year, every year, I’ll start waking up a little more refreshed than usual. I’ll think, “hmmm, that’s nice…” and go about my day only to realize that everything seems to fall into place, I'm bumping into friends left and right and even cracking jokes and starting to think I'm actually funny. Soon inspiration is flowing and I start to think I really must have hit my stride in life and WOW! am I doing a great job at being an Awesome Human Being when suddenly it hits me…ohhhhhhhh, it’s the nice weather.


So I guess it wasn't that power smoothie I've been making for breakfast after all.

Nope! Just good old Spring. Open windows, vibrant flower colors, and the sunlight, oh the glorious sunlight again!


What I find fascinating is that this scenario happens, without fail, year after year. I forget how it feels to live in a springtime world. My body, slowly and willingly adjusts to the overcast skies and lack of precious vitamin D and just…copes. Sluggishly, it comes to think that this is how it always has been and always will be. That is, until that warm air starts moseying on in...

I have to chuckle at myself. Did I seriously think it was something I had done to make me feel so great? Uh…NO. Some remedies just take their time to come back around, and you can’t do a darned thing to rush it.

Lesson learned, until next year that is 😉.


P.s. - Why Imagination in Bloom? It a lyric from my song Red Red!